Your backyard space should be your sanctuary. It should be a space that you relax in after a day at work, where you go to read a few chapters of that novel you have been holding on to, or just a space where you can take a moment to yourself. If you are a plant lover, incorporating luscious, vibrant greenery into your Jacksonville deck and patio design can be easy with a custom-built pergola from CORE Outdoors. Our design and construction team will work together to create a custom backyard space design in Jacksonville that has a stunning pergola for your vining plants to climb. Additionally, we will make sure that the pergola fits perfectly in your backyard patio designs in Jacksonville, so your space has a cohesive, succinct look and overall feel to it.

Whether you are looking to add a pergola that fits in with your current, rustic Jacksonville deck and patio design or are looking to revamp your entire backyard space with one, we are here to guide you through every step of the process at CORE Outdoors. Perhaps you are looking for inspiration when thinking about your custom backyard space design in Jacksonville. The above photos of our numerous pergola designs should help you along the way. If you are interested in our backyard patio designs in Jacksonville and are looking for more information on how a pergola can transform your space, contact our experienced team of designers and builders today at (904) 215-6866.

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