3 Ways to Add Water Features to Your Backyard

Published: February 13, 2017

Looking to add some Zen into your backyard? A great way to add calmness and serenity to your space is Jacksonville backyard water featuresto add water features. From the fun addition of an in ground pool, to just adding a mini-fountain to your patio, water features set the stage for relaxation. Here are three simple, effective ways that you can incorporate Jacksonville backyard water features into your home’s design

A Victorian-style fountain – If you’re looking for an elegant but relaxing touch to add to your backyard, a Victorian era-style fountain is something to consider. These gorgeous, intricate fountains were seen throughout Europe, and often had statues of men and women incorporated in them. Adding this type of water feature to your yard can give your design a classic, vintage flair and still provide the relaxation you need.

A mini reflection pool – Perhaps you’re not looking for a water feature that’s large or draws attention to a certain part of your backyard. A mini reflection pool is the perfect way to have a water feature that calms you, but doesn’t require the focal point to be shifted in your yard.

A stacked stone waterfall – If you’re on the prowl for a subtle and soothing water feature to add to your backyard, a stacked stone waterfall is a great option. Small, squared pieces of stone are stacked on top of each other, while water runs down the front of the feature to create a timeless, modern twist on the standard waterfall.

Do you want some guidance when it comes to Jacksonville backyard water features? Reach out to our team at CORE Outdoor Design today, and we’re sure to help you create the backyard space you’ve always dreamed of having.