Florida Pests That Ruin Landscaping

Published: October 19, 2017

Is your landscaping suffering, and you are unsure of what’s causing your issues? In North Florida, specific lawn pests can cause severe damage to yourlandscape design in Jacksonville, FLyard and surrounding landscaping without you even knowing it. Here are some common insects and other pests that are known to wreak havoc in your landscaping.

Chinch bugs – If there’s one pest that is going to cause the most damage to your landscaping, it is chinch bugs. These tiny insects are known for the brown spots that pop up in your yard and get their fill from extracting essential grass nutrients from your lawn.

Mole crickets – Known for being about an inch in size with short wings, mole crickets are pests that cause significant damage to lawns throughout North Florida. These small, burrowing insects take the moisture out of your yard and also create brown, dead spots across your grass.

Fall army worms – These bugs might be small in size, but the destruction they leave behind in your landscaping is anything but tiny. Fall army worms are known for entirely eating through a plant or area of grass in a short amount of time, and usually show up during the summer and fall months in Florida.

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