How to Plant the Best Jacksonville Backyard Landscaping Designs

Published: May 19, 2017

Your landscaping should be something you’re proud of showing off. While it’s normal to dream up the planting Jacksonville backyard landscaping designsJacksonville backyard landscaping designs you’ve always wanted, it’s important to think about your actual setup a little more logically. Here are some great tips on planting the greenery in your landscaping design that will not only flourish, but be something that will keep growing for many years to come.

Texture is everything – Planting certain flowers and other greenery with various textures is the key to making your landscaping pop. The contrast between long, leafy plants and shorter, stout shrubs with flowers mixed in throughout is a great way to vary your design’s overall texture.

Keeping a theme – Whether it’s a constant variation of tall and short plants or a color pattern that keeps to three shades of pink, a theme is important in landscaping. Repetition in the way you plant the greenery in your landscape helps to set a certain tone for the rest of your design.

Fill in the spaces – Want to have a blossoming landscape that is full and eye-catching? Fill in the empty spaces (within reason) to help keep your design all together. Of course, you want to allow the right amount of room for your plants to grow, but large, unfilled spaces can be plumped with smaller plants that will help draw everything together.

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