North Florida Planting Schedule for March

Published: March 12, 2018

In Northern Florida, when you plant your flowers for the upcoming year is extremely important to how well they will thrive. From the colder months tomatoes on a vineof the year all the way to the fall, there are specific times that you should be planting things based on the climate, humidity, and amount of sun. Here are a few kinds of plant life that you should be working into your landscaping for March.

Dianthus – One the most gorgeous, flourishing flowers that you can plant in March is the Dianthus. Also known as “Sweet William,” Dianthus thrive the best in places where they receive 4-6 hours of sun. The best time of year to plant these stunning, pink flowers is during the early weeks of March.

Dahlia – Known for being some of the most uniquely shaped flowers that come in a variety of different colors, the Dahlia plant is a bulb that needs to be planted in mid-March. These beautiful blooms do the best in soil that is consistently moist but has decent drainage, and should be placed somewhere they can receive full sunlight.

Tomatoes – Did you know that tomatoes in North Florida do the best when they are planted in March? It is best to have your tomato plants supported by a stake at first and covered if there is any occasional March frost.

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