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How to Hang Seasonal Outdoor Decorations the Right Way

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays! While this is one of the most anticipated seasonal events for homeowners, it can turn ugly fast if you are not correctly hanging your decorations from your home. Damage from these merry decorations can cause …

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Keeping Your Shrubs in Shape for Winter

Regardless of how cold it gets in Northern Florida during the latest months of the year, there are individual steps you need to take to protect your landscaping. Temperatures lower from where they were in the summer, and there is significantly less daylight, so it is essential to know how to …

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What To Do When There’s Damage to Your Screen

In Northern Florida, there is no shortage of unpredictable weather. From high, damaging winds to torrential downpours that only last a few minutes, it is essential that Florida homeowners stay diligent in protecting their home from destructive weather. However, if you find that your screen room …

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Florida Pests That Ruin Landscaping

Is your landscaping suffering, and you are unsure of what’s causing your issues? In North Florida, specific lawn pests can cause severe damage to youryard and surrounding landscaping without you even knowing it. Here are some common insects and other pests that are known to wreak havoc in your …

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3 Items to Include in Your Backyard Renovation

Without the hot, Florida sun beating down on you as you work outdoors, the colder months of the year are the perfect time to tackle some backyard projects. If a backyard renovation is in the works at your home, we have a few essentials you will need to complete your plan. Here are three things …

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Preparing Your Pool for Colder Months Ahead

When the leaves are changing and the temperature in the air gets a little bit cooler, it’s time to start preparing your pool for the colder months ahead. Regardless of what type of pool you have installed, there are certain care guidelines that need to be put into place when getting it ready …

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The Best Flowers to Plant in Your Landscaping for Fall

Many people think that the only time of year to have a flourishing garden is during the summer. However, there are plenty of gorgeous flowers and other greenery that bloom during the autumn season as well. Here are a few plants you can use in your fall landscaping scheme that will blossom …

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How to Make the Most of Your Jacksonville Screen Enclosure in Fall

When it comes to your screen enclosure, finding ways to use it during the colder months can be difficult for some people. However, there are ways that you can get the most out of your screen enclosure in autumn that can be fun. Here are some ways in which you can get the most out […]

3 Tips to Better Outdoor Living

Are you making the most of your outdoor space? Whether it’s making the most of your space with fun, outdoor décor or just making it more enjoyable for entertaining, having a place outdoors where you can let loose is important. Here are three tips for better outdoor living so you can maximize …

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