Plants You Never Want Near Your Pool

Published: December 18, 2017

azalea flowersHaving a pool in your backyard allows you to have a space to entertain, an area to go and relax by yourself, and a place to cool off during the hot, Florida summers. However, cleaning and maintaining your pool is not always as fun, but is necessary for keeping it working properly. This chore can be even less enjoyable when there are plants around the space that have a habit of letting their leaves fall into your water. Here are a few plants you want to avoid placing around your pool so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying clear, debris-free water.

Azaleas – While these vibrant shrubs are pretty to look at, azaleas are plants that you do not want near your pool. This shrub is known for letting its leaves go frequently and depending on the type you plant, evergreen or deciduous; you will be cleaning up after it quite often.

Thuja plants – When creating a landscape design around your pool, try to stay away from placing Thuja plants near the water. Often used to fill in spaces in landscaping, Thuja is a luscious green plant that has a unique leaf shape. Though these plants are eye-catching, they are notorious for frequently shedding their needle-like leaves and can cause damage to your pool’s filter.

Honeysuckle – Known for being a hummingbird attractant, Honeysuckle’s sweet smell and delicate blooms make it an excellent choice for landscaping. While the smell and its capability to bring birds into your yard might sway you into planting it, you want to keep it away from your pool area. Honeysuckle’s vines and flowers spread quickly when in the right amount of light, but that also means that they shed their leaves and blooms just as fast.

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