Shrubs to Plant for Privacy

Published: January 15, 2018

landscape design in Jacksonville, FLWhether you are looking to incorporate some new plant life into your backyard or are seeking out ways to have a little more privacy from your neighbors, shrubs are a great choice. These luscious, green bushes make an easy and affordable way to block your patio area from your neighbors’ view. Here are a few shrubs we think would be an excellent addition to any landscaping to help give you just enough solitude from others.

  • Boxwood – One of the most common shrubs that people include in their landscaping to add isolation to their backyard is boxwood. Boxwood is a luxuriant, green, dense shrub that does well in the shade with lots of water.
  • English yew hedges – Otherwise known as Taxus baccata, English yew hedges are a regal choice when looking to add a hideaway in your backyard. These tall, sturdy shrubs are often seen around the perimeters of old British castles. They do the best in moderately watered soil and adequate amounts of shade and sunlight.
  • Ligustrum – This blossoming, eye-catching shrub is a fantastic choice when looking to build privacy in your backyard. Also, known as a privet, the Ligustrum plant is very low-maintenance when it comes to care, and are relatively fast growing. This shrub can thrive in hot, warm, dry climates and is very sturdy throughout the entire year.

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