Simple Design Elements to Spruce up Your Backyard

Published: April 17, 2017

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your backyard for the warmer months, there are few design elements you can incorporate that are simple, affordable, and effective. Here are some different things to try to include into your backyard design to really make it pop for spring.

Stylish storage – If you’re looking for a way to make your backyard look a little less cluttered without throwing a clunky shed into the mix, opt for a more stylish storage option. This could be an adorable cottage-looking shed or perhaps a more hidden, functional option like a bench. A chic storage shed, helping to keep your yard spacious and clean-looking, can be just what your space needs to revamp its image.

Add a walkway – If you don’t have one already, installing a stone walkway from the patio’s entry point can boost your backyard’s appearance. You can customize the type of stone and path of the walkway, while keeping with the rest of your space’s theme. It’s a simple, functional, and stylish way to improve your backyard without much effort.

Incorporating a trellis – If you’re looking for a new focal point in your backyard, a trellis is a unique design element that can really dress up your area. Depending on the climate and amount of sun your space receives, a climbing plant can be the perfect complement, adding another layer of style to the area. This not only brings the focus of the yard to a new, exciting place but gives you the opportunity to incorporate new plant life into your space.

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