Things to Do Before Opening Your Pool for the Warmer Months

Published: January 22, 2018

backyard pool designs in JacksonvilleIn Northern Florida, many pools do not get used when the colder months come around. It does not matter if you are closing up for the winter or keeping it open; there are certain things you should be doing to get ready to use it regularly when the weather gets warmer. Here are a few things you need to check off your list when preparing your pool for summer.

  • Make sure you have the essentials – Before your pool is ready for warm temperatures, it is crucial to ensure that you have all of the critical tools, chemicals, and equipment for it to run correctly. This includes things like a working pool vacuum, new water testing strips, and the necessary chemicals to get it back up to speed from being unused in the winter.
  • Check the pump – Your pool’s pump is vital for its water to be adequately circulated, and to keep your pool free of algae during the warmer months. Checking to see if your pump is working properly before opening your pool up can save you money and a headache in the middle of the summer heat.
  • Test the waters – After doing the regular pool opening maintenance and cleaning, it is important to analyze your pool’s levels before jumping in. Having accurate water testing strips or a kit to inspect your water’s pH, chlorine, and other critical chemical levels is essential. If one of these levels is off and you are using your pool, you could be putting yourself, the other people swimming, and other vital things in jeopardy by not adjusting them.

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