Tips for Maintaining Your Backyard Pool Designs in Jacksonville

Published: May 5, 2017

When it comes to taking care of your backyard pool designs in Jacksonville, are you doing what you maintaining backyard pool designs in Jacksonville should be to keep it in the best condition possible? There are a variety of misconceptions on how you should be caring for your pool, from the amount of chlorine you put in, to the frequency at which you clean it. Here are few tips to make sure you’re taking care of your pool the right way.

Don’t shock your pool during the day – Shocking your pool, or the process of adding chemicals to your pool, should be done on a weekly basis to prevent algae and other harmful bacteria from growing.  They say timing is everything, and this process is no exception.  Avoid shocking your pool during the day, as the sun burns away the chemicals used in this treatment very quickly, rendering the process less effective.  Instead, this treatment should be done at night so the chemicals are allowed to do their job at the speed they were designed to perform.

Keep your pump running – Your filtration system in your pool, which is commonly referred to as the pump, needs to be run frequently to be able to keep your pool clean. In order to do its job, you need to keep your pump running at least for 7-8 hours a day. This will ensure that your pool’s water is being filtered correctly and stays clear of algae.

Testing the water – Your pool’s water should be tested frequently for the correct pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels. Unfortunately, some pool owners do not do this enough and problems that can be addressed quickly become larger, more complex issues. It’s extremely important that you’re testing your pool’s chemical levels at least once a week, as well as getting a diagnostic overview of your water once a month from a professional pool cleaner or store.

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