What To Do When There’s Damage to Your Screen

Published: November 20, 2017

landscape design in Jacksonville, FLIn Northern Florida, there is no shortage of unpredictable weather. From high, damaging winds to torrential downpours that only last a few minutes, it is essential that Florida homeowners stay diligent in protecting their home from destructive weather. However, if you find that your screen room has sustained some damage from a severe storm, you can fix most minor tears and dents easily. Here are few things to do when your screen enclosure’s screening is damaged.

Locate the root of the damage – The first step in making repairs to your screen room is to find the source of the problem. This can be difficult, especially if the damage causes a leak or a draft to appear in your room. Start by checking the screen for visible rips or tears, inspecting the outside and inside of the room. If there are no apparent rips in the screening, check the seams where the screen meets the framing.

Determine what the screening is made from – It is not always common knowledge to know what type of screening is in your enclosure. To repair any damage to the screen, you have to figure out if the screening is metal wiring or another kind of material. Your builder should let you know before the screen room being built in case repairs need to be made, but if they do not is always best to call the professionals to help.

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