3 Reasons Why You Should Turn to CORE for Your Jacksonville Screen Enclosures

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the gorgeous North Florida weather from the comfort of their home? We’re not sure of many people who do not love to sit outside and bask in the warm, southern air, but many times wildlife, bugs, and other outdoor creatures may interrupt this relaxing activity. There’s a solution to being able to enjoy the Florida weather, no matter what’s happening outdoors: Jacksonville screen enclosures. A screen enclosure can provide the comfort and safety of a sun room, while still allowing the Jacksonville air to breeze through.

Are you thinking that a screen enclosure could be a good solution for your home? Here are three reasons why you should turn to our talented team at CORE Outdoor Design for your next Jacksonville screen enclosure addition.

We have experience – With over 27 years in Jacksonville screen enclosures, pool designs, and landscaping, it’s safe to say that we have the experience you’re looking for in a design company. We’ve overseen countless projects in North Florida with a variety of different design concepts, landscapes, and budgets, so we’re ready to take on your screen enclosure addition.

We’re innovative – Not only do we have the experience needed when it comes to building and designing Jacksonville screen enclosures, but we also have creative minds to execute your concept. If there’s one thing about us that stands out among the rest, it’s our ability to think outside the box when creating the design of your dreams. Our vast portfolio can show you exactly what we mean when we say we’re innovators in designing your next screen enclosure.

We’re comprehensive – There’s not one stone we leave unturned when coming up with your next screen enclosure design. We consider all of the possible obstacles, timelines, budgets, and ideas involved to come up with something you’re thrilled with. In addition, you’re by our side from the start of the project until the very end, so we get your buy-in every step of the way.

Want to see the rest of our Jacksonville screen enclosures and other landscaping designs? Head over to our gallery here and see how we can take your dream and turn it into a reality.