3 Style Elements to Consider When Creating Your Backyard Pool Designs in Jacksonville

When you’re dreaming up your ideal pool design, what comes to mind? Perhaps you dream of an in ground pool with a built-in Jacuzzi, or maybe an infinity pool that allows you to see for miles. Whatever the case may be, your dreams probably don’t include the type of liner you’d like your pool to have. However, this type of detail needs to be considered when coming up with your backyard pool designs in Jacksonville. Here are three style elements that you need to think about before following through with your concept.

The shape of your pool – Depending on the type of pool you’re looking to have put in, the shape of your backyard pool design in Jacksonville should come into play early on. Since there are many different types of pool shapes, it can be hard narrowing down what exactly you’d like to see in your space. Working with your designer to decide on what pool shape would best fit your concept, space, and budget is crucial in this process.

The color of your liner – Did you know that there are many different colors when it comes to pool liner? On the outside looking into the pool, it may not seem like there’s much of a difference; however, depending on the shape and overall design of the pool, the color of your liner will matter.  Consider what type of feeling you’d like your pool to invoke.  Whether it’s calm or dramatic, the color of your liner can make a big difference.

The stone around your pool – When you’re thinking of backyard pool designs in Jacksonville, don’t overlook the tile or rock around your pool.  This is a style element that must be considered.  There are many different types of stone that vary in density, color, and shape, so deciding on which type works best with your design is vital to bringing the overall concept to life.  Similar to your liner selection, keeping the overall look or style you want in mind can really help you choose the perfect stone to tie it all together.

No matter what stage you’re in when it comes to dreaming up your backyard pool design in Jacksonville, make sure that you turn to the experts to help you turn it into a reality. Contact our team of professionals at CORE Outdoor Design and get started on the pool of your dreams today.