When you’re looking to add a space in your home that’s dedicated to peace, serenity, and an overall Zen-like atmosphere, water features are the perfect solution. If you’re thinking about adding Jacksonville backyard water features to your space, we have some tips at CORE on how to properly incorporate them into your yard to create the oasis of your dreams.

Adding a waterfall – What’s more calming and relaxing than the sound of a waterfall? Incorporating a gorgeous stone waterfall design into your backyard space can help to create the ultimate relaxation station for you and your family. Take for example our Screened Waterfall Design and how we incorporated a relaxing waterfall into this home’s backyard space for a tranquil, serene area to kick back in.

Adding a small pond – Many people add Jacksonville backyard water features to their outdoor design because of the light, peace, and sense of ease they can bring to any space. An easy way to add the calmness of water to your space is by adding a small pond. Whether it’s one smaller smaller pond or several ponds in your space, adding these water features to your backyard will create a serene, calm environment to spend time in.

Adding a fountain – For many years, fountains have been known to symbolize the concept of time. The passing of time, the beauty of it, and the journey of life itself have all been represented in the form of fountains throughout many cultures. If you’re looking for something different from the usual Jacksonville backyard water feature, a fountain is a great way to add some Zen to your space.

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