Backyard Feng Shui: How To Create Zen in Your Landscape Design in Jacksonville

Creating a space that is inviting and relaxing is easy when using elements of Feng Shui. Feng Shui already thrives on elements of nature, so it a great choice when changing your landscape. Create Zen, prosperity, health, and success in your landscape design in Jacksonville by using these Feng Shui elements!

Pay extra attention to the natural elements in your back yard. Freely growing gardens can add color and texture to your design. Also, adding water features is another way to create good Feng Shui. Water promotes chi and is commonly associated with increased income! Adding gardens or water features can be an easy project when hiring a team that specializes in landscape design in Jacksonville.

Choose certain shapes when designing and picking out furniture. Feng Shui relies on the specific placement of furniture and layout to optimize the feelings of Zen. For example, choosing a round table encourages comfort and conversation in a space. Also, add comfort by adding a windmill or flag. They increase the flow of chi and balance your yard. Be sure to optimize your conversation and entertaining spaces by using a professional team that works on landscape design in Jacksonville. They can help you choose a design that maximizes your entertaining options.

Use colors that already flow with your home. Outdoor spaces are typically considered to be an extension of the rooms inside our home, so choose colors that are harmonious with what you have inside. You could do this with furniture, plants, and pottery. You could also use Feng Shui’s color cycle to increase Zen. Not sure what colors to choose? Talk to an expert of landscape design in Jacksonville. They can work with you to create a space that is complementary to your home.

Working with a team who specializes in landscape design in Jacksonville can make your dream space, a reality. Be sure to tell them which Feng Shui elements you would like to see in your landscape. They’ll work to find the best balance of design that gives you a functional space. Contact CORE Outdoor Design about your landscape design project! Browse their gallery or just give them a call to start working on the landscape you’ve always wanted.