Choosing the Right Furniture for your Screen Enclosures in Jacksonville

Being the go-to company for designing the most luxurious screen enclosures in Jacksonville, we get a variety of different questions after the construction process. One of the most frequent things we’re asked about is how to pick the right furniture for the newly designed screen enclosure. While things like personal taste, budget, and how much space the enclosure has should play into your decision, there are certain factors that every new screen enclosure owner should consider when shopping for furniture. Here are a few that we think are pretty significant at CORE Outdoors.

What You Need

Determining what you need out of your furniture is the first step in decorating your new screen enclosures in Jacksonville. Evaluating what needs are met within your new screen enclosure, whether it’s a place for relaxing or an area for entertaining, helps to pick your furniture for you.

What Materials are Needed in Furniture

When you have what type of furniture is required in your screen enclosures in Jacksonville, you can then identify what materials it needs to be made from. If it’s a space that will house moisture such as an enclosed pool area or hot tub room, the furniture in that room needs to accommodate that atmosphere. If it’s an area where you’ll be watching movies and hanging out, your furniture needs to be comfortable enough to do so. Determining what type of materials your screen enclosure furniture needs to be made from will help everything else fall into place.

What Style You Want

Nailing down what style of furniture you want for your screen enclosures in Jacksonville should be the last step in this process. Making sure that the style of your potential furniture flows with the overall look of the screen enclosure will help the entire space look cohesive. The design elements in your newly constructed screen enclosure shouldn’t work against what you want in furniture but work together to create a great space.

If you’re looking for help designing screen enclosures in Jacksonville, contact our knowledgeable team at CORE Outdoors today. For more information or to set up a design consultation, reach out to us at (904) 215-6866.