Tips on Creating Privacy for Backyard Pool Designs in Jacksonville

When it comes to creating backyard pool designs in Jacksonville that are breathtaking, our talented team of designers at CORE Outdoors are here to help. However, after the initial design is in place and you’ve settled in to your new backyard oasis, you may find yourself wondering if there’s enough privacy from your neighbors in your new area. Here are some tips on how to create privacy around your new pool design that are affordable, effective, and sure to enhance to your already stylish space.

Tall, lush greenery – Planting taller, luscious greenery around your pool for privacy can help to create a comfortable space. Large leafy trees and big, flourishing bushes are ideal to plant for privacy purposes, and can add a relaxing touch to your backyard pool design in Jacksonville. Not only will these abundantly green plants help to give you a little more seclusion, they’ll also add to your backyard’s landscaping as well.

Adding lattice walls – If you’re not looking to completely shut your backyard pool designs in Jacksonville off from the rest of the word, adding lattice walls around your space can help give you just enough separation. Installing lattice work around the perimeter of your pool can not only help to isolate that area from the rest of the world, but also give you vertical space to grow climbing plants. With the addition of the lattice and the growth of gorgeous vines and flowers, you can have the concealment you’re looking for with a little extra flair.

Installing a smaller fence around the perimeter – Many times when we’re creating backyard pool designs in Jacksonville, we’re also installing a fence along with the new pool area. If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough privacy around your pool, installing a half-fence can help to give you seclusion quickly. While many people do not find fences to be the most aesthetically pleasing of the privacy options, there are certain styles, materials, and heights that you can choose to add to your design. Metal garden and bamboo fences are both unique, decorative choices to consider.

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