Taking Care of Your Landscape Design in Jacksonville, FL All Year Round

Even though it is not the warmer months of the year in Jacksonville, it is still vital that you maintain your landscaping. Whether you can physically see it or not, your yard and the plants that live in it need attention regardless of what season you are in. Things like making sure that drainage is working correctly, the grass is being looked after, and shrubs are still being pruned throughout the colder months is essential in maintaining your landscape design in Jacksonville, FL. Here are some ways in which you can ensure your landscaping stays healthy and in shape during the winter months.

Ensure you are not fertilizing – In a North Florida winter, you may start to see the grass in your lawn turn brown or start to lose its luscious, green vibrancy. While that is entirely normal for landscape design in Jacksonville, FL, you should not be using fertilizer to bring back the color. Most grass does not grow during the winter season Not only does fertilizing your lawn while it is not physically growing cost you money, but since it cannot do its job, it will get into your soil and potentially your water supply.

Clear your yard of debris – Many homeowners think that because the weather outside is colder, their yard does not need to be cleared of branches, leaves, and other debris. However, it can harm the grass in your landscape design in Jacksonville, FL to leave debris scattered in your yard. Leaves, sticks, and branches left in your yard can cause a lack of oxygen to the spots of grass underneath them. Since your yard is already not receiving the regular oxygen and sunlight it is used to getting in the winter months, leaving these remnants in your yard can cause more damage down the road.

Protect your plants from frost – More often than not, frost is not something we experience on our plants in Northern Florida. Most temperatures at night and in the early mornings do not always reach the point where it would occur. However, frost can happen in particularly cold temperatures. It is best to make sure that you are covering your flowering plants and shrubs in your landscape design in Jacksonville, FL before you go to bed. Ensuring that your plants are adequately shielded from the frost can help to preserve their lifespan into the spring season.

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