Backyard Pool Designs in Jacksonville: Trends for 2017

If there’s one thing that’s never going out of style – it’s swimming pools. Whether it’s an in ground infinity pool that overlooks a gorgeous view or a luxurious pool enclosure that’s perfect for entertaining, our backyard pool designs in Jacksonville are some of the best. Why are we the best when it comes to creating the pool of your dreams? It’s because we’re constantly staying one step ahead of the competition by researching the latest pool trends. Here are four for 2017 that we’re sure you’ll want to include in your next concept.

Beach-like pool designs – If you physically can’t get to the beach, why not bring it to your backyard? A trend for 2017 in pool design is creating a beach-like experience within your backyard pool. This trend involves design concepts such as entry-level depth, calming water features, and even wave machines to create the ultimate beach experience.

LED light features – In a variety of our backyard pool designs in Jacksonville, we use lights inside and around the perimeter of the pool for design and safety purposes. LED light features are a growing trend in pools for 2017, and can be used as unique design elements to enhance your space at night. Whether it’s used inside the pool to create a galaxy effect or around the outside of your pool to light the walkway at night, adding LED lighting is a fun, modern way to transform your design.

Fire pits and features – Not only does your backyard pool design in Jacksonville involve the pool itself, but it also involves the space created around it. Adding a fire pit or other fire features adds an element of relaxation to your pool space, and can be a great gathering point for entertaining friends. Our Modern Bali pool design utilizes fire features in the form of bowls to add a tropical and exotic feel to the space.

Glass and mosaic tiles – When you’re looking for a colorful, trendy addition to your pool design, glass or mosaic tiles are a great option. These gorgeous accent pieces can come in stone, glass, or ceramic, and are a classy touch to the interior or exterior design of your pool. These tiles come in a variety of colors, so you can match them with your backyard pool design in Jacksonville’s color scheme.

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