Jacksonville Backyard Water Features & Other Additions to a Home’s Value

When it comes to increasing your home’s overall value, finding cost-effective ways to improve your space can become difficult. Whether you are looking to add Jacksonville backyard water features to your home’s outdoor space or are considering remodeling your entire first floor, boosting your property’s value can turn into a lengthy project. Here are some simple and practical ways that you can add to your home’s value.

Start in your bathroom – A small but valuable project you can do to grow your home’s worth is to start by replacing old or dated elements of your bathroom. These things could be as simple as getting rid of the faded green paint on the walls and refreshing it with a slate grey color or swapping out your old faucet for a new, brushed nickel finish. One of the most significant selling points of any home is the appearance of its bathrooms, so spending the time and money to improve even the smallest features of these rooms is worth it in the end.

Optimize the entire property’s space – Regardless of how much square footage your property has, it is essential to make the best of all areas on the property. This not only includes the interior of your home but also should involve your outdoor space as well. Eliminating clutter from the interior and exterior areas of your property, as well as choosing the right color palette and right size furniture can help to optimize your square footage. Creating an open feel to your home, regardless of how much area you have to your disposal, is vital to enhancing your property’s overall value.

Don’t forget your yard – An often overlooked place that people forget about when looking to build on their property’s value is their yard. Increasing the property value by paying attention your exterior space does not always have to come in the form of adding things to your yard and could be just updating your landscaping. However, adding in elements like Jacksonville backyard water features, a privacy fence, or a screen enclosure to your outdoor living space can help to boost your home’s worth on the market significantly.

If you are looking for suggestions for adding Jacksonville backyard water features to help grow your property’s value, turn to the experts at CORE Outdoors. Schedule a consultation with our team today by giving us a call at (904) 215-6866, and learn how we can assist in growing your space’s overall value today.