3 Tips for Jacksonville Backyard Landscaping Designs in All Seasons

When you live in north Florida, you know that having sunshine on your shoulder all year round is a perk of living where you do. When you’re looking into Jacksonville backyard landscaping designs that can last all season, we can help you at CORE Outdoor Design.  Here are some tips when thinking about designing your gorgeous backyard landscaping and what to keep in mind to cover all seasons.

Consider your climate – While we do have the benefit of sunny, warm weather in north Florida, making sure that the plants you choose for your Jacksonville backyard landscaping designs mirror the climate is your first step. Picking plants that will flourish in areas of hot sun and require less water than usual can help to create a stunning garden for your backyard.

Think about your soil situation – It is what keeps your plants healthy, regardless of what season they’re in, so considering the condition of your yard’s soil is a necessary step in preserving your greenery year-round. In the northern Florida climate, soil can be dry and not nutrient in certain areas, so making sure that you’re taking the proper steps necessary in helping it prosper is important. Whether that means making sure you’re fertilizing your soil or just choosing the correct plants that will best grow there, taking note of those conditions will help to create a scenic garden in all seasons.

Organization is key – After you’ve determined your climate and soil, organizing your plants aesthetically in addition to what they require is your last piece of the landscaping puzzle. When considering what you want in your next Jacksonville backyard landscaping designs, note that organizing your plants in uniform, geometric shapes is necessary and can help to keep everyone in the garden happy, healthy, and bountiful. Planning out which plants or foliage you’ll have near one another in terms of maintenance, sun, and watering requirements is essential to maintaining it all year round.

Need help with your Jacksonville backyard landscaping designs but aren’t sure of who you can trust? Visit us at WorkWithCore.com and see how you can rely on us to take your garden dreams and turn them into a reality.