Have you ever found yourself wanting to be able to hang out in your backyard, but the weather isn’t cooperating? How about when you’re looking to entertain your friends, but the space in your home is limited and gets a little stuffy when everyone’s in one room?  We’ve got the perfect solution to these problems – adding a screen enclosure to your backyard! If you’re still left wondering why you really need a screen enclosure in your backyard, here are three reasons why adding it to your home would make life easier and more fun!

Entertaining is Simple – If you’re looking for someone who specializes in screen enclosures in Jacksonville, we’re exactly who you should call. We can’t bring the party with us when we come to create the screen enclosure of your dreams, but we can tell you that entertaining becomes simple when you add this space to your home. Not only do you have the best of the inside and outside worlds, but you also have plenty of room for your guests to be comfortable, relaxed, and most certainly entertained.

Relaxation is Closer than Before – When you’re on your way home after a particularly stressful day of work, where’s the place in your home that you unwind? If you couldn’t think of a specific space or room in your home where you relax, then you most certainly need a screen enclosure. Having this gorgeous area attached to your home can be the perfect oasis you need when you’re trying to forget life for a while.

Enjoy Your Pool Regardless of Weather – If you have a pool in Florida, you know that enjoying it can be tough when the weather is so unpredictable. Whether there’s a thunderstorm headed your way or it’s a bit chilly outside for your liking, screen enclosures in Jacksonville can help you enjoy your pool no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve for the day. A screen enclosure is the perfect opportunity to get more out of your pool and make sure that you’re able to enjoy, relax, or entertain in it no matter what’s happening outdoors.

Still looking for more reasons why our screen enclosures in Jacksonville are not only the best but perfect for your home? Head on over to our gallery of work we’ve built today at WorkWithCore.com!