What’s the best part about going home at the end of a long day? Many people will tell you that the best part about leaving work is going home and relaxing, and we’re sure that’s true. What if you had a backyard oasis at home that made you even more excited to clock out at the end of a work day? There’s nothing like the feeling of beating rush hour and heading home to a beautiful space. At CORE Outdoor Design, our screen enclosures in Jacksonville will carve out a space you’ll want to come home to.  Want to know why you should work with us when it comes to your screen enclosures in Jacksonville? Here are three reasons why working with CORE will help make your backyard dreams come true.

We’re designers and creators – Not only are we skilled backyard space designers at CORE, but we also have a complete team of contractors as well. That means from the beginning design stages of your custom patio or desk design all the way until the construction process is finished, you’re guaranteed that we’ll be with you every step of the way. One of the greatest parts about having our team build your screen enclosures in Jacksonville is the way that we’re all one team, working towards a goal of making your space your own, while focusing on staying on the same page all at the same time.

We’re creative in more ways than one – All designers can say they’re creative in one way, shape, or form, but at CORE we’re innovative in a variety of ways that help to create the backyard space you dream about.  Not only do we want to work with the idea you have for your screen enclosure in Jacksonville, we also want to take into consideration the space, current landscape, and natural greenery that is already in your backyard. We will make the most effective use of space for your design, while also incorporating the natural features that already exist.  These are just a few examples of how incredibly creative we are at CORE.

We have experience – When it comes to screen enclosures in Jacksonville and designing backyard spaces, industry experience is not something our team lacks. With over 15 years in the construction and design industries, we can guarantee that our experience creating quality, unique backyard spaces is second to none. Our team has won various industry awards and accreditations over the years, and we have an impressive design portfolio to match. When it comes to creating your dream, you want a team you can trust from beginning to end – and you’re sure to find that at CORE Outdoor Design.

Want to see the rest of our screen enclosures in Jacksonville? Visit us today to find out more information and check out our portfolio today!