Your ideal backyard space should be exactly how you envision it in your mind. Whether you’re looking for a space to entertain in or a place where you can escape for some alone time, your Jacksonville deck and patio design has to be your creation. With our help at CORE Outdoor Design, you can have the ideal backyard space of your dreams – so how do you start looking for exactly what you want in an outdoor area? Here are some tips on how you can narrow down exactly what you want, need, and would like to see in your potential patio design.

Establish the Purpose – Right off the bat, you should establish the purpose of your Jacksonville deck and patio design. If you’re unsure of what you’ll be primarily using the area for, it’s important to gauge how you currently spend a majority of your free time. If you’re a person who loves to entertain family and friends, perhaps your backyard space should be geared more towards hosting gatherings for your loved ones. If you’re someone who loves to recharge after a long day of work, maybe your outdoor space should be designed around relaxation and alone time. Finding out your needs in a backyard space should be the first step in your process and will help to comprehensively develop the rest of your design.

Evaluate your Natural Surroundings – Once you’ve determined the purpose of your outdoor space, take a look around the area and evaluate your natural surroundings. This is an important part in developing your concept because you need to assess factors like the terrain of the space, the amount of direct sunlight it receives on a daily basis, and what plants will be affected in construction. In addition to looking around at the natural elements of your Jacksonville deck and patio design, you can also consider which existing features of your space to incorporate in your project. These can be features like an existing stone walkway, landscaping, or shrubbery you’d like make a part of your future backyard space.

Create Your Plan – Once you’ve taken into consideration the purpose and natural features of your potential patio, create a physical, drawn-out plan of your vision. This can be as simple as taking your ideas and roughly drawing them on a sheet of paper. This part of your process is important because it puts your ideas into fruition, as well as taking the existing surroundings into account as well. Creating a rough draft of your design plan helps to fit all the pieces of your dream together and gives you a clear concept when you meet with the designers of your project.

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